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The Mortgage Process

A down payment is an amount required by each loan program and the closing costs are associated with the transaction- appraisal, survey, title services, etc.

Absolutely, sellers are allowed to pay up to 6% of closing costs, depending on the loan program limits. 

This depends on the type of loan program and the borrower's ability to provide documents. Our record is 8 days. 

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There are some loan programs where an appraisal is not necessary (with a larger down payment). But normally, yes. 

Qualifying for a Mortgage

Our Loan Pros will find the best program with the lowest cost to get you in your home ASAP.

This depends on a few factors like income, monthly bills, and credit score levels. We can find this out same day in most cases. 

When you take all of your monthly bills and divide that amount by your gross monthly income (before taxes), you get a DTI ratio. This level varies and can be more lenient for first time homebuyers.

This is definitely possible and takes review from our credit department. The 2nd chance credit review is free of charge and does not require a property contract. Contact us today to find out more. 

Collections, schmollections.

We qualify borrowers every day who have collections by building their file for success. Let's discuss your scenario today. 

Other Questions You May Have

Normally the seller pays for a title policy to insure there are no liens on the property. Occasionally the buyer pays for this service. 

With conventional loan programs, you could have that option. For FHA and VA, escrow payments are mandatory. 

Absolutely, buy your first investment property with no income documents needed today. Call or message us to find out how. 

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